Tuesday, 16 April 2013

BE WILD!!! - punk girls collection

Hi guys....ehr probably mostly girls :P

I have made my very first paintings. I found this artwork on the internet and instantly fell in love with the images. I just had to make paintings out of them, because I really wanted them in my game, to spice up my sims home. I hope you feel the same and want them in your game.

You get these three awesome punk girl pictures. 
The frame is recolorable, so it don´t have to be a black one, like I chose. 

Sorry for using Adfly...but I really need some new panties. 
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  1. How cool is that!!! Love your creativity!!!

    1. Well, I didn´t draw the images myself. I found them on the internet. HAve to see. if I can see who made them, so that I can credit this talented artist.

  2. hallihallo ,my killerchicken ;)) ,
    die Pics sind echt soooooo cooool !!! Na da ist doch gaaaanz fix , der Downloadbutton gedrückt !!! xxx :)))
    Gwenie , our killerchicken gooooees wiiild !!<33

    1. Ha ha, vielen Dank :D
      Ja, ich finde die Bilder aich total cool. Die hätte ich gerne in echt bei mir hängen.

  3. Wie geil die Bilder sind! :))
    Total toll. ♥

  4. Die Bilder sind einfach nur Super!!!!!!! Schade, das Du nicht weißt, wer die gemacht hat. Trotzdem, Deine Umsetzung für die Sims ist einfach klasse!!!!! Vielen Dank, Gwenie!!!!