Sunday, 28 July 2013

cool and trendy stockings for young adults and teens!

credits from left to right:
hat: Dasha Kirilova, hair: raon , sailordress: Janthie78, shoes: irinka
hair: EA, dress: meronin, shoes: shojo Angel
hair: EA, sweatshirt: ???, tiny jeans: gwenthekillerchicken, shoes ???

 ♥♥♥ Hi my dear followers  ♥♥♥

I have seen images of such stockings on the internet and decicded to make them for my sims game. I love how they look. There is something for every sim. Cute or cool . . .it suits everybody.

You can find these six stockings in everyday, formal wear, outerwear, sleep- and sportswear.

They have three recolorable areas, so you really can give them your favorite look.

Gosh, your sim is going to look so cool and trendy with this. . .So go and get it!!!

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