Saturday, 6 July 2013

Give me wings...I wanna flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

credits: hair: ???, earrings: Iriesims, top: ???, shorts: gwenthekillerchicken (Yep, thats me!)

credits: hair: ???, top: altea127, jeans: EA (supernatural), nails:NataliS

Hello my dear followers!

I have been away from the sims for three months. Luckily I have summerholidays at the moment, so I finally got some time to create again. I hope I still got some followers left :P. I was asked to make some more tattoos, and VOILA. . . .HERE IS MY FIRST NEW ONE:

You get the wing-tattoo located on three different areas of your body. I made a upper- and lower back tattoo and a chest tattoo. Hope you like it!!!

You can find this tattoo under "accessories" located as "right garter".

Ok, I say goodbye for today . . . feeling sick :(

Just one more thing: 
I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyy, 
I believe I can touch the skyyyyyyyyyy. . .
(You sure can with my tattoo, so go and grab it for your simmie!!!)

Sorry for using Adfly...but I really need some new panties. 
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  1. awesome :)see told you it would look hot with a bodice top :)great to see you back :D

    1. Thanks Margie :D

      Yes, I love being back. Need to get rid of my app-addiction :P he he he
      Do you know who made the hairstyles I used?

      Hugs from your gwenie

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Irma ♥
      Glad you like it. Hugs from GWenie

  3. Sorry, ich hab's erst jetzt gesehen :(.
    Das sind wirklich sehr schöne Tattoos!!!!!

    1. Hallo Reiner :D
      Macht nicht´s. Ich freu mich über jeden Kommentar, denn die sind doch sehr rar gesät. Außerdem war ich ja über drei Monate lang weg vom (Sims-)Fenster, da bin ich froh, wenn überhaupt jemand, den Weg zu meinem Blog noch findet. he he he