Saturday, 20 July 2013

I loooove my denim dress...

credits from left to right:
hair: ???, boots: ??? earrings: ??? (sorry still need to look for the things)
hair: coolsims, stockings: JS Sims, boots: Parsimonious
hair: ???, bracelet: ???, boots: ??? (sorry, still need to look for the missing things)

♥ Hello my dear followers! ♥

Finally I made my first dress. It is a cute little denim dress for young adults and adults.
It is suitable for every occasion. You can make a cute dress out of it or a crazy one.

You get two versions of this dress. 
The first version is only the denim dress with two recolorable areas. 
The second version is the denim dress with stylish elbow warmers included. This version has three recolorable parts. The dresses are categorized as everyday, evening and career outfits.

♥Denim, never gets old, so hurry up and download the dress for your stylish simmies ♥


  1. How cute is that!!! Wow, nice job!!!

    1. Awww, thank you so much Selena ♥♥♥ I am really proud of it, too :D Makes me happy to get such a sweet compliment.

  2. Das Kleid sieht einfach KLASSE aus!!!!! Super Arbeit, Gwenie!!!!

    1. Ich mags auch total gerne. Hab es aus einem Kleid vom Inernet erstellt. :D