Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sexy tiny tube top for sims 4

 credits: girly tatoo: gwenthekillerchicken hair:David Sims, lipstick: sclub, eyes: burntwaffles, eyeshadow: leahlillith,

Yeahhhhh, it´s back!!! 
My sexy tiny tube top is now available for your female simmies in sims 4. 
I just couldn´t live without it :D

It comes in 16 different colours, so I hope your favorite colour will be there too. 
I hate to make recolour swatches and after 16 I was just too lazy to make more.... 

sexy tiny tube top:
  • available for females
  • comes in a zip-folder as package file
  • a preview pic comes along
  • standalone item in the CAS with 16 recolours
  • custom CAS thumbnail
  • categories: everyday clothes and sleepwear 

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