Monday, 13 October 2014

Two pastel rainbow retextures of David Sims amazing hair

 credits: heart: gwenthekillerchicken hair: gwenthekillerchicken (original: David Sims), lipstick: SM, eyes: burntwaffles, eyeshadow: leahlillith,

I love my pastel rainbow hair that I made for sims 3, that´s why I couldn´t resist doing some for sims 4 aswell. There will be more, but for now I started with two very long hairstyles created by David Sims. All credits for the mesh goes to him. The rainbow texture was created by me. 
So don´t you dare use it for your creations or you´ll have an enemy for life. 

Enjoy the cute and colorful pastel hair in your game! 

classic long hair - pastel rainbow retexture:

star hair - pastel rainbow retexture:
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