Sunday, 20 March 2016

Pastel Rainbow Retexture of Nightcrawler´s "Pearl"

credits: tiny tube top: gwenthekillerchicken, skin: ephemara,  

Wow, it has been more than one and a half year since I last created for the sims. I really missed it, but I stopped because of my work. No time you know.... :(
 Since I slowly want to start again, I am really having a hard time, because I basically need to learn everything from the scratch again. Hope I will figure everything out soon. Especially how to make conversions, because I really would love to have my clothes that I created for sims 3 in my sims 4 game.

I love all my  pastel rainbow hair that I made for sims 3, that´s why I need doing more of them for sims 4 aswell. Here is my latest retexture. The original hair is created by the amazing talented Nightcrawler and you can download it here. All credits for the mesh goes to him. The rainbow texture was created by me. 

Enjoy the cute and colorful pastel hair in your game! 
PS: The retexture looks a bit dark in CAS (see pic), but NOT in the game :)
Hugs from Gwen

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  1. Which skin did you used in this sim?

    1. Hi Yasmin,
      the skinetone is from ephemera. Here is the link: