Wednesday, 23 March 2016

"Villa Noir" a modern lot for your sims

 I decided that my sims need to live in a stylish  modern house. So here it is. Almost completely held in dark colors like black and dark gray and with a huge glass front almost the whole way around the house. Since it is my first upload from a lot, the pictures aren´t the best. I was struggeling a lot with the camera angle. Almost no CC was used (only two different windows, see links below). 
Hope your sims enjoy this lot as much as my sims do :D

Hugs from Gwen

  • I used the base game and the EP "get together" to create this lot
  • CC used: windows by Nynaeve  and bubble windows by daerOn (make sure you download the CC items and put them in your modsfolder before installing my house!)
  • 30x20 size  
  • Housedetails: 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, kitchen and diningroom, living room, office, outside pool, party area on the rooftop
How to install the house: First of all make sure you have downloaded the CC items I used (links above) and put them into your modsfolder. Then you unzip my folder and copy all the 8 files into your tray folder. My lot should then appear in your library. 

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